Mark Ferlito DPT, CSCS

Mark Ferlito is currently completing a residency through the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) at Kabat & Associates Physical Therapy under the tutelage of owner Sam Kabat. IPA is a school of manual therapy designed to optimize human function. Mark has been enrolled in the residency since 2016, which will prepare him to sit for the IPA certification in functional manual therapy.

Prior to returning to his home state of California, Mark worked in an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Manhattan, NY after graduating from NYU’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. He focused on both hands-on treatment and enhancing athletic performance. Mark later plans to earn his certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS).

Besides Los Angeles and New York, Mark has lived in Buenos Aires and San Francisco. Outside the clinic, Mark enjoys marathon running, having completed the LA, Seattle, Big Sur, NYC, Boise and Boston Marathons. Future lifetime goals include owning a 66’ Ford Mustang and a home in Buenos Aires as well as completing the Kona Ironman and Badwater Ultramarathon.

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