Kinect the Athlete

Along our path, we find physical challenges that intrigue us.  Weather we seek the competition with others or within ourselves, we choose to engage in physically challenging athletic endeavors that reflect our interests.    This has the opportunity to connect us with ourselves, others, and the atmosphere where we play.  We all have potential and a choice to uncover the diamond in the rough At “Kabat & Associates Physical Therapy”, It is our responsibility to connect the athlete or performer to their greater potential.  Within this journey, Kabat & Associates Physical Therapy embraces the 3 main puzzle pieces (see our treatment paradigm) of treatment including the “Mechanical”, “Neuro physiological”, and “Motor Integration”.   We help each recreational, scholastic and professional athlete understand their existing limitations and compensations and establish a path to refinement. Some of the highlights of our “Kinect the Athlete” approach include:

    • Balance of pressure systems
    • Treatment of whole body
    • Finding optimal connection to the ground
    • Balance of core musculature with movement
    • Your existing posture and compensations
    • Your desired posture and Form
    • Collaboration with Coaches, trainers, family, teammates
    • Body mechanics and motion evaluation
    • Video evaluation
    • Clinic to your element transition
    • Empowering your journey