In 2005, Kabat & Associates Physical Therapy was established by Samuel and Jodi Kabat as a mission to create an atmosphere where people could come to receive much more than just a Physical Therapy experience. The company was established to help people  address their physical limitation and recovery as a greater means to help them: “Embrace a Pivotal Moment”, “Engage Their Greater Potential”, and “Enhance the World” of their own lives and many others around them.

Over the past decade, the company has grown much larger than just two people with a vision. The company is now defined as a unique team of equally important individuals who share the common interest of making a positive impact on each person who comes into the door. As a reaction to the intent of our team to care for patients tomorrow, better than they did yesterday, the results are obvious. The medical and patient community has displayed a growing appreciation for our therapeutic approach. Our team continues to be humbled and complimented with the chance to help patients each day who are seeking a profound healing.


Let your experience
encourage you to:

1) Embrace a pivotal moment
2) Engage your potential
3) Enhance the world

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