People seek our assistance for many conditions from head to toe.   Often your condition is in the company of a larger history, body reaction and compensation pattern.  To treat only at the area that you feel pain or weakness, would be a disservice to you.  You are worth the investment of a full body recovery and comprehensive resolution of your condition.    Our patient focused approach allows for your highly trained physical therapists to assess and treat almost any pain or physical limitation that is part of your bigger story. If you do not see your condition, this is not full list.  Please contact us to discuss the opportunities.


When working with equestrian riders and trainers in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on multiple competitive levels we were able to experience the needs of multiple elite styles of riding.   Sam and Gage realized how injuries can have a significant impact on a rider’s ability to connect again to their surface.  After injury or with fatigue, humans are geniuses at compensation to achieve a task, but that compensation can limit our ability to improve, or perform like before.

Sam and Gage use the concepts of “core first” (initially developed with Johnson and Johnson Physical Therapy) and has adapted these concepts for the activity you love.

In an equestrian evaluation and intervention, the client’s injuries and body mechanics are assessed and addressed both on the horse and off.  Each person is treated for their mechanical, neuromuscular, and motor control challenges and immediate integration to performance in the saddle is connected. There must be a consistent dynamic stability feeding in from all human points of contact to the horse to allow for the rider to establish optimal form, strength, endurance, balance, posture, enjoyment, and connection to the animal and ground.

Consider a “Back in the Saddle” evaluation if:

You have back pain after a riding, walking, sitting, or bending.

You have recently experienced difficulty with endurance, strength and connection when riding.

You have shoulder, wrist or arm pain.

You have neck discomfort

You have trouble with weight shift and loading through both legs.

You have pelvic floor and or low back pain.

You want to develop a optimal riding program


I’ve been riding horses since I could walk.  Thank you for treating my hip along with other injuries that I didn’t realize also limited my ability to ride.  I didn’t realize that gaining strength in my knee would help my hip and back pain and allow me to enjoy riding again.  My horse and I are both grateful to return to our quality time on the trails we’ve walked for many years.

Sue –  Steamboat Springs, CO

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