People seek our assistance for many conditions from head to toe.   Often your condition is in the company of a larger history, body reaction and compensation pattern.  To treat only at the area that you feel pain or weakness, would be a disservice to you.  You are worth the investment of a full body recovery and comprehensive resolution of your condition.    Our patient focused approach allows for your highly trained physical therapists to assess and treat almost any pain or physical limitation that is part of your bigger story. If you do not see your condition, this is not full list.  Please contact us to discuss the opportunities.


Gage has played golf for longer than he can remember and started offering physical therapy-based golf evaluations in the early 2000’s. Gage uses the concepts of “core first”  (initially developed with Johnson and Johnson Physical Therapy) and has adapted these concepts for the game he loves.

In a golf evaluation, the client’s swing is broken into four distinct parts: the set up, the backswing, impact and follow through. Gage works with each client to demonstrate how increased protection actually improves performance. For example, being more athletic in the stance and back swing causes less stress to a golfer’s back, but generates more power at impact. He instructs how posture affects overall health, and shows how good posture can lead to longer drives and straighter irons. He also addresses the follow through, which is often overlooked, but is vital to getting the ball to the target, teaching mechanics to eliminate major sources of strain to neck, shoulders, arms and back.

Consider a golf evaluation if:

  • You have back pain after a round
  • You have recently lost or want to gain yardage
  • You have shoulder, wrist or arm pain
  • You want a more consistent swing
  • You have neck discomfort
  • You have trouble with weight shift
  • You want to develop a golf fitness/stretching program


For those who seek the difference, we’re available

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